Wakaya Island

The Wakaya Club & Spa is a private island resort like no other. Wakaya is Fiji as nature intended: undisturbed, lush, beautiful rain forest and pristine white beaches.

The Wakaya Club & Spa is situated on a privately held island with over 2200 acres of the most beautiful rain-forest and farmland, and entirely surrounded by exquisite coral. With only 10 guest “bures” [private suites], and two private luxury villas, the resort offers its guests a unique private Island experience.

Wakaya is proud to have Fiji’s only marine reserve at its shore. The reserve is home to giant clams, vibrant coral and a plethora of sea-life. The Island is rich with pristine white sand beaches, blue lagoons, and an incredible diversity of plants and fauna.

Our Team

Fijian’s are known for their exceptional welcoming and friendly demeanor as well as their infectious joy. Our team on Wakaya embraces these qualities, and more. You will be greeted by laughter and singing the minute you arrive at the resort, and throughout your stay, you will be warmly and uniquely cared for by our team.

Antonio Aja, who comes from a similarly rich cultured background, leads our team. Antonio, with over twenty years in the hospitality industry, and with a passion for travelling, culture and the arts, fell in love with the Island of Wakaya and with the Island’s community. He is a wonderful host, paying attention to every detail and ensuring your stay on the Island is unforgettable.

Antonio is supported with an excellent team, all of whom are proud to be members of the Wakaya community. Fijians are known for their warm welcome and infectious smiles, and our team on Wakaya is no exception. With our intimate setting our team is able to attend to each guest, catering to their individual needs and ensuring their experience at our resort is like no other.

Our Story

In February 2016, one of the worst Tropical Storms ever recorded in history passed directly over Wakaya Island. It was a true showing of the immense force of nature and, in its wake, left a barren island and a bewildered community. Fortunately, no one was hurt and there was minimal structural damage. Many people would have struggled to get back on their feet, yet the Fijian spirit is one of positivism, hope and community. The local community saw it as an opportunity.

There was a tremendous amount of work to be done both on the Island of Wakaya and throughout Fiji to help other devastated villages. True to Fijian community values, villages throughout the islands sent teams to help our Island and in return we supplied materials to re-build theirs.

Giant trees lay fallen throughout the Island, and not wanting a single tree to go to waste, we decided to incorporate the majestic giants into our new design and preserve the remaining wood for future use. Within months life returned to the Island, and in the country as a whole. A force grew within the people of Fiji; there where echoes of “Stronger than Winston” and of course on social media; #strongerthanwinston. Over the course of the year, the Fijian rugby team went on to win the country’s first Olympic medal, indeed, a gold medal, in their national sport, Rugby 7’s and the whole country stood strongly united and proud.

The Island will forever remember Tropical Storm Winston as an opportunity. It left us with a deeper respect for nature, and a strong motivation to honor the beauty of the environment and the spirit of the Fijian culture.

For decades, the Wakaya Club & Spa was known as one of the most exclusive and prestigious resorts in the world, hosting some of the most well-known celebrities, royalty and business people. We are proud to have restored and brought Wakaya back in all its glory to continue the legacy in today’s era.