Our Mission

Our mission is to honor the original Chief of Wakaya’s wishes for the protection of the natural resources and the prosperity of the Fijian culture. In doing so, we seek to provide our guests with a unique and unforgettable experience of our caring and joyful community, the delicious flavors of the local resources, the rich culture of Fiji and the stunning beauty both above and below the ocean.

We seek to balance the ways of the past with a path towards the future for our community. Through Fijian elders we hope to preserve the indigenous ways of the Fijian people, including artisanal, culinary, botanical, musical  and medicinal traditions. Through education by scientists and professors, we hope to uphold and inspire environmental protection of both the land and ocean. Combining these tools as well as those provided by the FIjian education in the Island school, we hope to provide the children of the Island with everything necessary to empower their future and protect their past.

You will be greeted by laughter and singing the minute you arrive at the resort, and throughout your stay, you will be warmly and uniquely cared for by our team.


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