Our Team

Fijians naturally have a caring demeanor and are known for their warm welcoming spirit and infectious smiles, our team on Wakaya, is no exception. From the minute you step foot onto the island you will be greeted with beautiful singing, infectious joy and laughter, and you will be surrounded by our genuine warmth and unique care. 


Our General Manager, Antonio Aja, who comes from a rich cultured background leads the team. With over 20 years in the hospitality industry, and with a passion for travelling, gastronomy, culture, history and the arts, Antonio fell in love with Wakaya and its community, and moved with his wife and children half-way across the world. He is a wonderful host, paying attention to every detail and ensuring your stay on the island is unforgettable.

Antonio is supported by an excellent local team, all of whom are proud to be part of the Wakaya experience. With our intimate setting our staff is able to attend to each guest, catering to their individual needs and ensuring their experience at our resort is like no other 

You will be greeted by laughter and singing the minute you arrive at the resort, and throughout your stay, you will be warmly and uniquely cared for by our team.


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