Wakaya Virgin Coconut Oil


PREP TIME: 4 hours

SET TIME: 48 hours

You will need
– Mature Coconuts (3 coconuts makes just over 1/2 cup solid oil)
– Coconut scraper or high speed blender 
– A tea towel
– One large bowl and 2 medium size bowls

_ Cleaver to crack coconut in half for grating or hammer
– Small Sharp knife

– A vegetable peeler
– 1 cup of water for each coconut

– A deep pot

– Cheesecloth
– Sieve
– Ladle
– Mesh strainer
– Empty sterilised glass jar to store your oil in


  • Begin by removing the water from your coconuts.
  • Once the water has been collected from all the coconuts, it’s time to crack open the shell. Use the cleaver to crack coconut in half.
  • Now you need to extract the flesh from the shell. Use a coconut scraper and scrape the white flesh of the coconut in a large bowl. Do not grate right to the bottom of the shell.
  • Add water to the scraped coconut bowl. Using your hands, we need to squeeze the coconut flakes and water together, until the mixture looks very white and creamy. Continue mixing and squeezing for about 30 times.
  • We need the cheesecloth, sieve and two bowls. Place a sieve on the larger bowl, and then the cheesecloth on top. We need to ladle the coconut liquid mixture on to the cheesecloth, and squeeze to extract the liquid from the coconut. Once the liquid has been extracted, we empty the coconut flakes into our other bowl. Repeat this process until all the liquid is one bowl and the coconut flakes are in another bowl.
  • We no longer require the coconut flakes; you can use it to make coconut flour. You can compost it too; it is highly nutritious for your soil.
  • Now we are left with just the liquid which we extracted from the coconut flakes. Cover this with some cling film.
  • Leave the covered bowl in a cool environment, with room temperature is below 70F or 21C, leave to stand at for 24 hours. Then put it in the fridge for three hours to overnight to solidify.
  • After it has been in the fridge, there will be a layer of solid white mass at the top. We need to carefully extract this from the remaining liquid.
  • You can use a mesh strainer to separate the solid oil from the liquid.
  • Place the solid oil in a deep pot and cook at a low heat for about 30 – 45 minutes. Use the ladle to stir now and then. (Do not scrape the bottom of the pan that has coconut residue).
  • After cooking let the oil cool down and strain using cheese cloth again to strain any leftover particles from the solid oil into a clean sterilized bottle.
  • There! Now you have your very own virgin coconut oil.
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